The project Health in the opinion of children – a perspective of childhood studies aims to examine children’s knowledge and opinions on health. Employing childhood studies’ methodologies like participatory methods using artistic expression and play, as well as participatory observation and in-depth interview, the research team will get to know children’s narrations and understandings of the body. Based on this data, the team will learn to describe important issues in biomedicine from a new angle. Another key goal of this project is to understand the cultural role of the child as a patient and a subject of the health discourses of late modernity. Last but not least, the research team will attempt to come up with a definition of a “healthy child”, through an emic (child-oriented) perspective.
Other goals of the project: advance the methodologies of childhood studies in Poland, promote childhood studies in Poland, draw  the attention of social (including medical) anthropologists to children as subjects of inquiry, empower  children to speak for themselves in line with the aims of engaged anthropology and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.